a quick hi from Jakarta


I haven't update my blog for ages. So hard to be consistent. I need someone or a blogger or YOU that can hype my blogging spirit back.

suddenly and saddenly (wait is that a word or I just made it up) I remember Diana Rikasari's words. She said,

"if you want to be a successful blogger, you have to always update your blog CONSISTENTLY."

Well that advice hit me for a second but now I'm repeating the same mistake. HELPPPP!!

I don't know what 'successful' means to her. Is that means famous or what? I don't want to be famous. I just want people to read my stories. I love storytelling. I'm a very very talkative person. But when it comes to writing, my hand freezeeee. Actually I'm comfortable to talk directly about something. If I have to think about it first it's hard. That's why I love SNAPCHAT sooo freakinggg muchhhh (add me hidayah21 okay. Hekhek). You can watch my daily vlogs there. I upload snapchat stories everyday.

So  I'm sharing a few photos of my recent trip to Bandung (it's 2 weeks ago actually. Ok lah kot. I'm super busy right now okay!) Yep my photos so you guys will hate me more seeing my annoying ugly face on those pikca.

Lokasi: Tebing Keraton

Happy nya makcik ni. Hewhewhew
Tangkuban Perahu
Nampak tak bulan kat langit tu kecik je. Hikhik

Ok. Bye. Ada exam and presentation lusa. Wish me luck!