Dermatology and cheating husband

Busy is just an excuse. Because I usually spent my day sleeping and whining.
I forgot this blog exists. How can I make up to this?

Since my last post, I've finished anesthesiology, psychiatry, and internal medicine rotation. Right now I'm on dermatology rotation - my fav so far!

'what's in my work bag' vibe. hagitewww
This is my opportunity to learn and of course (ehem) consult the dermatologist about my skin. Even it's a teeny tiny nonvisible defect and dots on my skin. Lol. Aside from cosmetic and beauty, this hospital that I currently 'working' have a lot of usual skin disease/problems such as psoriasis, scabies, tinea, and.. LEPROSY!! (atau KUSTA)

Did you know leprosy is endemic in Indonesia?? Leprosy cases in Indonesia are the third greatest in the world!! How crazy is that! I deal with leprosy patients every single day at the dermatology polyclinic. No worries it can be treated if recognized at an early stage.

And of course, at this clinic I met a few suami suami curangHusband & wife usually come with genital lesion and complain. And when we examine, *sigh* it's STD (penyakit jangkitan seksual). I gave the husband the side-eye. The wife is always clueless. While the wife gets the medicine we interrogate the husband,

"do you sleep with another woman?"

"This can only be transmitted sexually. Don't lie to me."

"yes.. I slept once.."

BOOMM!! Baru ngaku bila gertak ciket.

So suami suami di luar sana jangan la jadi bangang curang dengan isteri okay! Especially dah ada anak tak kesian ke. Smh panggil trash marah pulakk. Ok lah. That's all my useless rant. Next time I will think of more useful content (will I?)