My on-the-go makeup routine


Sometimes kita busy and nak benda yang mudah untuk meneruskan hidup tapi nak nampak cantik juga.
Recently I try this makeup routine and it works well for me so I decided to share with you guys 😄 

I think this is an on-the-go makeup sebab boleh buat the whole process in a car. Kalau dalam kereta nak pakai foundation/BB cream kena bawak separate mirror, botol foundation boleh pecah and I malas bawak banyak barang!!

this is da look

So I try something yang tak time-consuming sangat untuk di apply. So here is my style (probably everyone's style too)

1. Colour corrector
LA Girl Orange Colour Corrector 

Just a little dot under your eye. VERY LITTLE sebab sangat pigmented benda ni. And blend it well with finger/brush

LA Girl corrector
Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush

2. Concealer 
LA Girl Pro Concealer

Jangan guna banyak sangat just a sheer nipis application. Make a triangle under your eye, tap & spread with your finger a lil bit, and dab a damp beauty blender tu even it out 👍🏼

LA Girl Pro Concealer in Pure Beige
Beauty Blender

3. Set with powder 
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder 
Set your concealer with powder and I powder my nose lightly sebab taknak bagi patchy

Rimmel Stay Matte powder. YE TAU DAH PECAH
Beauty Blender

4. BB Cushion
Laneige Whitening BB Cushion 
dab the puff (fast and even) but don't put too much product in the same area. Ambik sikit, even it out on your whole face, and apply a second layer if you're unsatisfied with the coverage. You have to dab it really well or it will become cakey. Serious

No. 31 Brown Beige

5. Blush
You can use cream blush or pink lipstick. 
In above picture I just use a pink lipstick (sebab takde duit nak beli cream blush) and dab it lightly on my cheeks 

6. Highlight
BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel palette
Sebab I nak nampak vogue so I letak highlight kat pipi biar nampak macam disco ball

BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel palette
Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter brush
7. Liquid lipstick
Beauty Story Taupe Chart
I LOVE this colour sebab macam orange peachy tone. Natural sikit & look nice on medium skin tone like me. This is a matte lipstick so nak bagi nampak natural bibir ni, just apply sikit je, and tap with your finger, even it out all over the lips. 

8. Sampai di sini sahaja. Seterusnya terpulang nak pakai mascara ke, eyeliner ke eyeshadow. Tapi dalam gambar tu tak pakai sebab tak sempat.


The reason why I apply powder before bb cushion because I still want the dewyness effect still visible. If I apply powder lepas bb cushion of course nampak matte. So you just have to be careful, jangan letak banyak sangat sebab nanti cakey. 

And why I apply the concealer first?
I tahu biasanya orang letak concealer lepas base. Tapi the reason why orang buat macam tu adalah kalau foundation tu tak boleh cover dark circle, tambah concealer. Kalau dah boleh cover takyah. 

(Banyak pulak aku membebel)

But I dah beribu kali pakai foundation pun still visible kena apply concealer gak. I know that I still need help from concealer so baik letak awal-awal it won't hurt. 

(KORANG FAHAM TAK AKU BEBEL NI MESTI TAK FAHAM 😂 letih aku type panjang-panjang)

I want this look to be natural as possible. Apply concealer after bb cushion might cancel out the skin-like-no-makeup result of the BB cushion. So I prefer this way 💯

I nampak macam high dalam selfie ni.