working with dead bodies


Hello, I just finished my forensic posting at Bandung. It was amazing. But it's kinda sad that I experienced the good one first. I prefer to undergo the exhausting phase first like internal medicine and surgery. But, oh well.

Me and my dead soul lost in the Pinus Forest
I learned a lot here. Apart from the forensic thingy, I learn how to kafan kan mayat, mandi kan mayat,  and jalan-jalan and shopping of course! This is Bandung okayyy

In my opinion, Bandung is not a great place for wisata kuliner (= food hunt vacay). The foods are okay and I could have the same dish in Jakarta. But I want something more uummpphh. Different kind of ayam, WITH reasonable price. I mean.. wth Warung Nasi Ampera is so mahal!! Warung Nasi Ampera is a Sundanese restaurant. I expect it will be a local friendly price, but instead, it's a cekik daroh price *facepalm*. I went there with my tracksuit, selipar jepun and RM30 only because I expect the price wouldn't exceed RM15. But... it's around RM20 (well I admit it's my fault too because I just grab everything displayed).

But Kota Bandung has plenty of cafes and instagrammable spot. Which I hate very much.

Me trying to look cool at Braga Street

Pillow Talk Cafe
Oh back to the dead bodies thing. It was interesting, I got to work with plenty of cases such as suicide, traffic accident, gunshot, and baby abortion. I hate gunshot case the most. Because the blood is flowing through the wound nonstop but we have to clean him. Dead people's skin becomes hard after a few hours, so it's quite hard to stitch it up.

One of the unexpected experience is, we examined a robber that got shot by the police. During that time, this robbery case was all over the news because the victim died. In less than a week the police caught the robber. They're awesome! Because the body was examined by our forensic department, so a press conference was held at this hospital. NO I didn't get to talk, but I managed to get my head (not face, just head) appear on national television.

Forensic is actually my second posting. The first one was pediatric and I was tooooo busy that is why I didn't update my tiny smol precious blog.

Until the next post, bubyeeee~

Still in Pillow Talk cafe before this cafe blackout and I chocked my food