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hiatus and 2020 summary


I always on hiatus. So what is my excuse now???

It just.. I feel like I owe you guys (as if I have readers) an explanation or excuse. But maybe I don't have one. Maybe I just lazy because blogging is soooo hard to catch up and be consistent with. Scrolling through social media is easier than having to turn on the Macbook and write a paragraph of a blog post. It's easier to update Instagram stories or tweet rather than blog. 

I thought 2020 was gonna be THE year. Well everybody thought so until.. COVID-19 came and destroy everything. 

So my 2020 goes like this..

My final exam got postponed, graduation got postponed, my pottery class, vacation, umrah and other stuff planned in my head. I cannot celebrate RAYA AIDILFITRI with my family. I celebrate raya ALONE. I was quarantined in Hilton PJ last year because I came back to Malaysia during the last week of Ramadhan. Back then when we were proud of how our country handling the pandemic, it's compulsory to quarantine 14 days upon arriving from overseas. Very strict procedure, loving it, felt like a first-class country during that time. But now..

feeling kluster kayangan

Ok lah enough talking. I need to sleep. Byeeeeeeeeee

Why Cleaning Your Home Mattress Is Important

Have you ever cleaned your home mattress and do you know why cleaning your home mattress is important? Usually, mattresses are not an item you would clean on a frequent basis because you might not know or notice the dirt and bed bugs lurking in it.

When you use your mattress for more than a year, cleaning must be emphasised as a routine to make sure it can last longer and so you do not have to change the mattress very often! Saves you time and money. It is not the only reason you should be cleaning your home mattress.


Here are some other reasons to know why deep cleaning your mattress is so important:


Allergy Management

How often do you find yourself waking up with allergies? Coughing and sneezing once you wake up is a sign that your mattress’s condition is triggering your allergies and making you feel uncomfortable.


This is a serious issue if left unchecked it can worsen your allergies and disturb your sleeping process. Of course, you do not want your allergies to worsen by time, so make sure you clean your mattress to make sure you get rid of anything that might trigger your allergies.


Remove Dust And Dust Mites

The main reason you should consider cleaning your latex mattress is to remove dust and dust mites. Sleeping on a dusty mattress can be extremely uncomfortable and obviously you would not want to be sneezing all night long. Dust mites, on the other hand, do not bite which might sound like a good news but it can leave you with skin rashes. It is also known as dust mite allergy.

Not only skin rashes but many people with dust mite allergy also experience signs of asthma, such as wheezing and difficulty breathing. Dust mites can be really harmful to you, so make sure you clean the mattress thoroughly to remove them.


Eliminate Stains

If you are having babies or children it is normal that you will have urine or other food stains. This will only stop when they start getting older, but obviously we cannot let the stain stay there forever. Hence, cleaning it regularly or when there is a stain is essential to avoid your mattress from getting smelly and might also release a bad odour. So make sure you remove all the stains immediately before it gets worse by getting a mattress urine cleaning service.

Peace Of Mind

After a long and tiring day, the first thing we will head to is our mattress to get a good night sleep but imagine if your mattress is not clean and smells bad. Would you be able to sleep peacefully and comfortably? Of course, not! A clean mattress is what you need for a good night sleep, so do not hesitate and start scheduling your time on when you want to clean your home mattress!


Do you find cleaning your mattress regularly a house chore you want to avoid? Do you find cleaning mattress is a tedious job or you are not good enough to effectively clean and remove the stains?


Do not worry, Orang Utan Cleaning is here to help you! Why choose Orang Utan Cleaning?

Well, they offer affordable and reasonable pricing mattress cleaning service packages. Their mattress cleaners are very well experienced and are efficient in cleaning and are able to assist you whether you are in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Ipoh and Malacca.

Contact them via phone or email to get a FREE quote for a professional mattress cleaning service today!

Clean your mattress now!