Kiss and Makeup

My favorite lipstick shade always pink-nude-taupe kind of color. I want to try another color, but always end up buying the very same lipstick shade. Anyway, my current fav is NYX Lingerie in Ruffle Trim. I am bored so I here's a snippet of me awkwardly putting on lipstick before the polyclinic started. Oh and that's my dresser.

bedtime coffee and candle


Sometimes I finished work at 6pm and it took an hour to arrived Jakarta. I love iced coffee and if I am in the mood I will indulge myself with an iced caramel macchiato. I always buy coffee because I'm too lazy to make ice cubes. I love studying while sipping coffee. It energized me. Then I will light up a lavender candle in my room to keep mosquitos away (but it doesn't really work). 

Please give me tips on how to kill or keep mosquitos away??? I've tried soooo many tips. Electric repellent, ridsect, but everything fails! Lastly, I gave up and bought a kelambu :( I dowan to sit in kelambu forever.. sobs sobs

 Do you love coffee? What's your favorite coffee?

A Day In My Life - work edition, Depok

Right now I got posted at Depok for ENT. It's quite exhausting commuting from Jakarta to Depok every day. I don't want to rent because I want to save money

What do you think of my new blogging style? I was bored and want to try new things. So I came up with the photo tape thing. I want to use my handwriting but it's too ugly. I had to practice more. For now I use Over font.

How I decorate digital notes + freebies


I love digital notes. Going paperless is one of the best decision I made!
The versatility, customization, and pen-saving lifestyle got me hooked.
My fav note-taking app is GOODNOTES. It's the best I swear 💗I stop using OneNote and Notability after I got Goodnotes.
So I will share with you my favorite stickers I found on the internet. I hope this can help you to create beautiful notes!
Click the download link to download

Credit to Peanut Butter Youtube Channel



Credit to Asma Space Youtube Channel

Well, I hope it can inspire you to be more productive. Do you want to see my digital notes??
till next post