hiatus and 2020 summary


I always on hiatus. So what is my excuse now???

It just.. I feel like I owe you guys (as if I have readers) an explanation or excuse. But maybe I don't have one. Maybe I just lazy because blogging is soooo hard to catch up and be consistent with. Scrolling through social media is easier than having to turn on the Macbook and write a paragraph of a blog post. It's easier to update Instagram stories or tweet rather than blog. 

I thought 2020 was gonna be THE year. Well everybody thought so until.. COVID-19 came and destroy everything. 

So my 2020 goes like this..

My final exam got postponed, graduation got postponed, my pottery class, vacation, umrah and other stuff planned in my head. I cannot celebrate RAYA AIDILFITRI with my family. I celebrate raya ALONE. I was quarantined in Hilton PJ last year because I came back to Malaysia during the last week of Ramadhan. Back then when we were proud of how our country handling the pandemic, it's compulsory to quarantine 14 days upon arriving from overseas. Very strict procedure, loving it, felt like a first-class country during that time. But now..

feeling kluster kayangan

Ok lah enough talking. I need to sleep. Byeeeeeeeeee

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