bedtime coffee and candle


Sometimes I finished work at 6pm and it took an hour to arrived Jakarta. I love iced coffee and if I am in the mood I will indulge myself with an iced caramel macchiato. I always buy coffee because I'm too lazy to make ice cubes. I love studying while sipping coffee. It energized me. Then I will light up a lavender candle in my room to keep mosquitos away (but it doesn't really work). 

Please give me tips on how to kill or keep mosquitos away??? I've tried soooo many tips. Electric repellent, ridsect, but everything fails! Lastly, I gave up and bought a kelambu :( I dowan to sit in kelambu forever.. sobs sobs

 Do you love coffee? What's your favorite coffee?


  1. i'd rather sleep inside the kelambu rather than have my body being bite by the mosquitoes. haha

    1. hahaha. To sleep inside kelambu is still ok. But studying and blogging inside kelambu is not fun at all

    2. hahhahahaha okay. that, I agreed with you.

  2. Happy International Coffee day fellow coffee lover. Well it was two days ago but I still want to wish you. I love coffee and I love candles too

  3. I am a tea lover haha!

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