Matte lipsticks have become one of the favourite makeup items women add into their kits. It can be safe to say that a majority of women out there owns at least one favourite matte lipstick. However, you may one of the few who have yet to experiment with matte lipstick and are still using the normal lipsticks (not that anything is wrong with that). But for those who are still thinking of trying it out, the first thing you should know is what are the popular matte lipstick shades which have become a hit? Check them out down below.

1. Pink Candy

Product: Beauty Story, Remember Me
This pink matte lipstick shade is the top choice among women because it gives off that sweet feminine look. Not only that, you can rock the shade with any outfit you have on. The lipstick shade appears sweet and effortlessly on your lips.

 2. Natural Nude

NYX Abu Dhabi & Colorpop Lippie Stix Cookie
For the ladies who prefer a more subtle makeup look, natural nude shades will be the best choice. The natural nude matte lipstick shade is seen to be the choice when women want to put focus more towards their eyes. If they have a dramatic eye makeup full of eyeliner and colour, nude lipstick shades helps bring out that sophisticated vibe.

#LIFEPROTIPS: nude lipstick is so useful when I want to fake sick, so I don’t have to present my assignment. Easy steps! Don’t wear any makeup but your nude lipstick. So people can see your eye bag and panda eye. That’s all. You will look like you just survived a zombie apocalypse. The lecturer wouldn’t dare to look at your face.

3. Daring Red

nak acah Taylor Swift tapi macam Aisyah 50sen pulak :(

Many women love pulling of the daring red lips look and slathering on some red matte lipstick will work wonders. Why? This is because it will not transfer to your teeth while you are having a conversation and stays perfectly in place. Rock this shade whenever you want to have that boost of confidence and feel sexy.

What is your favourite matte lipstick shade? Share it down below.


  1. May I know the brand of the daring red..? It looks gorgeous on you.. :3

  2. Have u tried the local lipstick brand such as Dida, Nita cosmetics, so.lek and so on?

    1. Not yet, but I would love to! Kinda hard to get my hands on local brands since I spend most of my time in Jakarta :(

    2. Oh I see. Its okay later on when you are here in Malaysia, you can purchase all of them hehe :)

  3. Replies
    1. suka tengok orang pakai warna pink candy! Tapi kalau ngan dayah kurang sesuai sikit