Track your ibadah and amal


I always dream of a perfect day full of amal and ibadah. But it rarely happen. Because my brain always saying,

"it's okay you can start tomorrow. Promise!!!" And the next day,

"it's a tiring day, you start tomorrow je lah, FOR REAL."

But it didn't happen. I end up watching movie or karaoke after eating chicken wings. And this scenario repeat everyday.

BUT 👏🏽 I 👏🏽 CANNOT 👏🏽 GIVE 👏🏽 UP 👏🏽 . KAMON LA. Kita ni manusia, khalifah di muka bumi, sebaik baik ciptaan Allah, bukannya belangkas atau siput babi. Takkan nak bagi seton menang.

So there's a thing that my usrah sisters always do, they have a 'Mutaba'ah Amal' checklist to track their amal and ibadah. It's a great idea to keep consistent of whatever we are doing. Not only for ibadah you can also change for other purpose like study 2 hours, read 4 page of motivational book, meditate, exercise 20 mins and etc.

my habit tracker
This habit tracker is from Clementine Creative. You can download this habit tracker for FREE here.

Some people might wondering, how can I sedekah everyday? It's not like I went to mosque every day.   The solution is, you make your own tabung sedekah in your room. Just promise to yourself to put money in the jar everyday. And you can give the tabung money monthly to any mosque or organisation that you like.

I hope by posting this entry, my amal and ibadah will be more consistent because I should be ashamed if I don't do it. Let's pray each other to become more soleh/solehah in the future!