Review: ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Set Vol. 1


Now I will 'review' this gorgeous brushes, and post some photos to help anyone who is still deciding to buy this brush or not. Actually I bought this brushes, RM100+ cheaper than Sephora Malaysia price (we'll get to that later). But first I will talk about the basic info of this brushes.

This brushes comes with a Product Control card in the pouch.


ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Set Vol. 1

This set consist of 8 brushes, and comes with a pouch. It is perfect for people that focus more on their makeup base, rather than eyeshadow. But, the eyeshadow brushes are not bad at all.

The brush:
 (from left to right) 
110 Face Shape
A nice brush for subtle contour because can blend the contour with this brush. Can be use for both powder and cream contour. Looks like a mini domed buffing brush.

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek
Powder blush application. 

106 Powder
Powder brush. I want this because I need bigger powder brush. It will be easier to apply powder and to dust off the 'baking' powder. 

102 Silk Finish
For foundation application. More or less like the Real Technique's buffing brush.


227 Soft Definer
Blending is my cardio they said. So this brush is made for that. A dupe for the good old MAC 217 Blending Brush. May your eyeshadow edges diffuses seamlessly..

231 Petit Crease  
I saw plenty youtubers use this brush for detail eyeshadow application kat hujung mata. You know what I'm saying right??

142 Concealer Buffer

317 Wing Liner

Ok now we will talk about the price.

Sephora Malaysia:  RM494
Sephora Indonesia: Rp1,230,000 = RM375±

and because of the Black Friday sale, I got further reduction to RM320±.

I don't know why, but some Zoeva brush sets are cheaper at Sephora Indonesia. So if anyone want to kirim beli Zoeva brush on Sephora Indonesia site, you can chat me. I will tell you my price. Mwahahahaha

I think RM320 are a reasonable price for 8 good quality brushes. For example, MAC brushes are ranging from RM100± for a brush, if you buy 8 MAC brush, it will be more than RM800. And boy, let's not start with the NARS, Torm Ford and Giorgio Armani brushes. I cannot afford even one.

That's all.
Bye for now sebab nak gi usrah ngan sisters <3

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