November Beauty Haul

It's my birthday month!!!
I didn't shop much for beauty product, because I had enough. I only restocking my essentials; face mist and exfoliate, but I want to try different brand. And for my birthday, finally bought my Sephora wishlist item <3

Why I buy Body Shop?? Sebab DESPERATE. Hermo and Althea Indonesia website are down, so I cannot restock my beauty product from there :( Then I curious about the Vitamin C range because vitamin is good bla bla bla, that's why. I just bought whatever she (the employee) suggested to me.

First time test it at the shop, it felt great. But when I try at home after washing my face, it felt... weird... Tingling sensation and so pedih bila termasuk dalam mata! Sebab orange. So you have to be careful. Don't spray too much or it will meleleh masuk dalam mata!

I just tried once. So I don't know I like it or not. For now, it's ok lah. But please use in bathroom. Because last time I use this in my room, in front of mirror, then the peeled skin came off and fell on the floor like eraser dust. So not pretty, I had to swept the floor again after that. 

Last but not least......

I've been eyeing this brush set for a year! After thorough thinking, I decided to invest on this brushes. Can't wait to use all of them. This brush just arrived this morning, that's why I'm so excited and snap some photos, edit, and upload right away on this blog. It's great to have fellow beauty blogger friends to share this good news. You guys know this new makeup feelings right??? Hahahaha.. 

Ok I'm gonna stop here and will talk more about this brushes on my next entry