Home sweet home


Back in Terengganu for 10 days holiday!
I miss keropok lekor and sotong celup tepung.
But, it's raining 24/7 here!! So sejuk I want to sleep under my blanket all day.
How's your holiday goinn???

Ojju K-Food Grand Indonesia


We went to Ojju restaurant last friday after capek shopping at Tanah Abang. So, before deleting the food pic in my photo album, I want to cherish this beautiful, delicious memory in my blog.

Rolling Cheese Chicken Wings
Rp 99,000


UPU tips for SPM leavers


Saya disini cuma ingin share benda penting yang saya tau time saya isi UPU lepas SPM dulu.

Jika anda qualified dalam requirement untuk asasi/kursus tersebut, tidak bermakna anda akan dapat. Lebih lebih lagi jika result anda bukan straight A's.

Sebagai contoh, ada asasi ni requirement 7A, dan anda layak untuk mohon. Tapi hakikat sebenar, mereka hanya terima yang straight A's. Jadi jangan buang masa pilih yang ni untuk pilihan pertama UPU.

Macam mana nak tahu? Tanya orang dari universiti tersebut.

My Umi sangat mengambil serius tentang uni yang akan saya pilih, so Umi call uni tu tanya anak saya dapat 7A, boleh diterima tak agak agak kalau apply UPU asasi ni? Dan orang tu pun cakap,

"ye, memang requirement lepas, tapi sebenarnya kami ambil yang 9A je."

Lepas tu terus tak jadi apply asasi kat Uni tu.

Sayang la kalau result anda 8A (kurang 1A) contohnya, tapi anda buat first choice untuk uni di atas, sedangkan asasi di uni lain mungkin akan terima anda jika letak di pilihan pertama. Jadi buat la pilihan yang bijak.

Ada beberapa orang yang saya jumpa di matrik, kurang 1A je tapi masuk matrik sebab dia letak first choice di uni tersebut.

Good luck semua SPM leavers! Semoga result anda berwarna warni pelangi :)

Track your ibadah and amal


I always dream of a perfect day full of amal and ibadah. But it rarely happen. Because my brain always saying,

"it's okay you can start tomorrow. Promise!!!" And the next day,

"it's a tiring day, you start tomorrow je lah, FOR REAL."

But it didn't happen. I end up watching movie or karaoke after eating chicken wings. And this scenario repeat everyday.

BUT 👏🏽 I 👏🏽 CANNOT 👏🏽 GIVE 👏🏽 UP 👏🏽 . KAMON LA. Kita ni manusia, khalifah di muka bumi, sebaik baik ciptaan Allah, bukannya belangkas atau siput babi. Takkan nak bagi seton menang.

So there's a thing that my usrah sisters always do, they have a 'Mutaba'ah Amal' checklist to track their amal and ibadah. It's a great idea to keep consistent of whatever we are doing. Not only for ibadah you can also change for other purpose like study 2 hours, read 4 page of motivational book, meditate, exercise 20 mins and etc.

my habit tracker
This habit tracker is from Clementine Creative. You can download this habit tracker for FREE here.

Some people might wondering, how can I sedekah everyday? It's not like I went to mosque every day.   The solution is, you make your own tabung sedekah in your room. Just promise to yourself to put money in the jar everyday. And you can give the tabung money monthly to any mosque or organisation that you like.

I hope by posting this entry, my amal and ibadah will be more consistent because I should be ashamed if I don't do it. Let's pray each other to become more soleh/solehah in the future!


Review: ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Set Vol. 1


Now I will 'review' this gorgeous brushes, and post some photos to help anyone who is still deciding to buy this brush or not. Actually I bought this brushes, RM100+ cheaper than Sephora Malaysia price (we'll get to that later). But first I will talk about the basic info of this brushes.

This brushes comes with a Product Control card in the pouch.


ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Set Vol. 1

This set consist of 8 brushes, and comes with a pouch. It is perfect for people that focus more on their makeup base, rather than eyeshadow. But, the eyeshadow brushes are not bad at all.

November Beauty Haul

It's my birthday month!!!
I didn't shop much for beauty product, because I had enough. I only restocking my essentials; face mist and exfoliate, but I want to try different brand. And for my birthday, finally bought my Sephora wishlist item <3

Why I buy Body Shop?? Sebab DESPERATE. Hermo and Althea Indonesia website are down, so I cannot restock my beauty product from there :( Then I curious about the Vitamin C range because vitamin is good bla bla bla, that's why. I just bought whatever she (the employee) suggested to me.

First time test it at the shop, it felt great. But when I try at home after washing my face, it felt... weird... Tingling sensation and so pedih bila termasuk dalam mata! Sebab orange. So you have to be careful. Don't spray too much or it will meleleh masuk dalam mata!

I just tried once. So I don't know I like it or not. For now, it's ok lah. But please use in bathroom. Because last time I use this in my room, in front of mirror, then the peeled skin came off and fell on the floor like eraser dust. So not pretty, I had to swept the floor again after that. 

Last but not least......

I've been eyeing this brush set for a year! After thorough thinking, I decided to invest on this brushes. Can't wait to use all of them. This brush just arrived this morning, that's why I'm so excited and snap some photos, edit, and upload right away on this blog. It's great to have fellow beauty blogger friends to share this good news. You guys know this new makeup feelings right??? Hahahaha.. 

Ok I'm gonna stop here and will talk more about this brushes on my next entry

Black Friday Sale!!!


What did you guys bought today???

Finallyyyyyy. I bought my wishlist item. After going through a VERY serious self discussion for a year.
My order is still in progress it makes me nervous.
I placed my order on 12am ok!! And a few hours later it's already sold out! Phew

InshaAllah I will do "November/Birthday Haul" entry if everything is going ok <3


Comeback Giveaway by Raydah Alhabsyi


Dah lama tak join giveaway sebab takde sebab nak join...

Tapi kali ni I join this giveaway to show my support to Raydah, because she is so rajin blogwalking and comment kat semua blog. I love hardworking people. My Allah bless you always <3

Museum MACAN Experience

Just want to share some photos and story about this famous 'kekinian' selfie that always appear on your instagram feeds lately (only applicable for Jakartas).

YES. This is the famous Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusama. Love her!
We went to the museum on Friday noon. The museum open until 6pm only.. maybee.. (I forgot)
So Museum MACAN is Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara. Not the tiger macan ok. I just knew 'macan' is another words for tiger because the Uber driver asked me, 
"jadi di musium ini ada banyak macan? Semua foto macan ya?"
"Iya pak. Iya.... Saya juga (kurang tau) hmmmm. Iya.. Begitulah..."

Booklet and ticket. Rp 45k for students
After scanning the tickets, we saw people were in line to enter a room (yes, the infinity room). It is the highlight of the museum. You must enter one by one (alone or with your friends), but only for 45 seconds!!! The doorkeeper hold a stopwatch and will knock the door when your time is done.
The photo below was on Friday evening 4pm. On weekend it would be hours of waiting guys!

Behind the scene. Crazy que. See, on the right side, the hijab girl in red shirt is the door keeper.
Then we stroll around trying to 'understand' the arts in the museum. Btw it's just a small museum (for now). Only a floor. Maybe they will add more stuffs later because the museum is pretty new.

Kids coloring room (outside the ticket scan entrance, and it's free!)

Awesome coloring done by me. That's why I never get prizes in coloring contest (even saguhati!!!). Because I'm wayyyy to good and blew the judges awayyy.
Sneak peak only because this IS true art

Babai for now!



So two weeks ago I went to Dunia Fantasi theme park. I went there for the first time, and it also FIRST TIME in my life trying extreme rides. Yea I know what ya think. "Lame gila Hidayah kampung nya tak pernah try benda ni."

Nak buat macam mana Kampung Bukit Payong takde theme park so sila diam semua.

I have never been to Genting Highland, Sunway Lagoon, USS, Disneyland, yada yadaa. The one and only theme park that I went was Warner Bros Movie World in Gold Coast Aussie. But, I went there with my little cousins and she's too afraid to try those extreme rides. 

And my family are afraid to try those stuff too (overprotective Umi -_-), that's why my parents never bring us to a theme park, plus, my dad is afraid of heights (even parking lot yang tinggi pun dia dah gayat!). 

But y'alllll, I'M 👏🏼 NOT 👏🏼 AFRAID 👏🏼 TO 👏🏼 TRY! 👏🏼 (duh I'm a wonderwoman ok!) 

When I watch people on tv getting scare to try extreme rides, I was like, "common la, I bet it's not the worst thing ever. Just try and have fun la. Takkan tu pun takut." 

So that's how it happen, I went to DuFan with Len (my friend) with azam yang tinggi untuk try all rides because it must be fun! (It is nahhttt). 

I unfold the DuFan theme park maps, and pointing the rides that I want to try. 

"Man this is so exciting!" bisik hati kecilku. 

We start with the theme park basic wajib ride, merry go round. Then we decided to try the pirate ship thingy because it seems the least scary out of all game (I was VERY VERY wrong). 

While waiting for our turns I felt uneasy looking at this pakcik froze on the ride. But I still brace myself to try. We plan to sit at the end of the ride (I thought makin hujung makin selamat. WHAT WAS I THINKING??). But the seat was taken, so we sat on the third hujung row of the kapal. 

The safety metal thing slowly pulled down. The moment it started to swing, my brain also started contemplating my stupid decision. But it....was...TOO...LATE...

The ship swings higher, and faster. I pretend to enjoy it like other kids so I scream like them. Scream worsen the situation. Rasa nak muntah. It went higher that I can see the underground maintenance space thingy. So I closed my eyes, froze and held the rail tight because it felt like I will tercampak keluar anytime (how can you let your kids ride this thing?!). My face is so hideous macam nak nanges I swear to God. (Wonderwoman suddenly became Watermelon)

THAT'S THE SHIP!!! Behind the tree. They called it 'Kapal Kora Kora'.

I think those people in line are laughing at me. But I don't care I just want this thing to stop and get off the ship alive (I have to get married and have beautiful kids first ok!). 

I could barely walk when I get off the ship. I held Len's arm and bajet like everything is okay.

"I'm fine. It's nothing la. Haha...ha..ha..ha.."

Then Len wanted to try the tower shot ride. I'm ok until I saw the passengers were shot to the sky like bullet. 

"Ouuukayyyy... Let's ride something else first.." 

next time if I decided to try this ride again, please slap me. 

Maybe I will try again. If....... if I suddenly get amnesia and forget about my that experience. Otherwise, no thank youuu.

Jom Cuti dengan Promosi Tiket Malaysia Airlines


              Disember ni cuti christmas, but I still tengah fikir nak balik Malaysia ke tak untuk cuti tu. Nak balik tapi thesis tak siap lagi. Tapi kalau tak balik jiwa raga tak tenang jugak sebab fikir kampung especially kucing I baru beranak tapi tak reti jaga anak (smh). Bukan tu je, tiket pun pricey jugak, rasa sayang nak habiskan beribu sebab banyak duit nak pakai untuk beli makeup and kasut barang time practical nanti.

              Jadi sebab nak tiket murah, jadi rutin harian kitaorang student student ni ialah gigih menge-cek harga flight tiket kat website. Antara website yang wajib buka tiap hari time lecturer bosan mengajar kat depan ialah Traveloka! Kebetulan ada promosi best dari Malaysia Airlines, so I nak share la kat korang semua sebab saya masyarakat penyayang yang sering membantu bagai aur dengan tebing (gituu).

bercuti penting untuk menenangkan minda dan menunjuk di social media

              Ok sabar! Sabar! I nak cerita ni macam mana nak dapatkan tiket idaman korang pada harga yang terendah dengan harga luar biashee. First, korang kena buat penempahan tiket secara online barulah korang akan dapat harga promosi tu. I suggest korang better booking cepat-cepat sebab tiket adalah terhad!!! Lepas baca blog ni terus book ye kalau tak menangis tak berlagu di tepian gantang pulak nanti kalau habis promosi.

Macam mana nak booking?

              Korang boleh layari website Traveloka untuk booking tiket secara online. Korang follow je step by step, fill in tempat, tarikh dan seterusnya. Kalau korang nak tahu lebih lanjut, dalam website tu ada jugak link cara-cara untuk tempah tiket online guna Traveloka. Senang je, korang just ikut user guide tu okay.

Apa yang best tentang Malaysia Airlines ni?

              Banyak yang best okay!!! Kalau I balik Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines la first sekali yang I akan cek tiket. My favorite thing about Malaysia Airlines ialah korang boleh bawa bag seberat 30kg! Haa 30kg dah macam 3 guni beras dah. Korang nak bawak apa korang bawak la. Kalau I balik dari Malaysia ke Jakarta, biasanya I akan guna sepuas hati 30kg tu. I bawak semua benda macam Milo, sos cili, keropok lekor, budu, tisu, makeup sampai luggage tu nampak macam kedai runcit. Rasanya kalau penerbangan lain mana ada bagi penumpang bawa bag yang beratnya lebih dari 20kg. Malaysia Airlines je yang baik hati macam ni. Thank you Malaysia Airlines <3

              Harga tiket promosi yang ditawarkan oleh Malaysia Airlines ni sangat tidak masuk akal. Nak tahu kenapa? Korang tahu tak, penerbangan dari Kuala Lumpur ke Kota Kinabalu hanya RM79!!! (inhale, exhale) Haa nampak tak berapa banyak diskaun yang Malaysia Airlines tawarkan kat korang and aku sekali..hahaha! Itu yang dalam Malaysia ye, kalau korang nak pergi ke luar dari Malysia pulak, harga tiket dari Kuala Lumpur ke Jakarta, Indonesia ialah bermula dari RM250++ !! Ingat tau tiket adalah terhad, first come first served! Jangan sampai korang terlepas peluang keemasan ni. So pada korang yang tak tahu nak bercuti kat mana tu korang boleh la tukar angin untuk bercuti di luar Malaysia pulak sementara harga tiket flight tengah promosi.

              Memang berbaloi kalau korang naik flight Malaysia Airlines ni, worth the price. Facility and servis memang tiptop. Antara facility yang ada ialah tv untuk korang tengok cerita, movie, or baca Al-Quran (especially time flight bergegar) sementara sampai ke destinasi yang di tuju. Boleh jugak main games, dengar radio, layari internet kerana Malaysia Airlines pun sediakan perkhidmatan WiFi. Dan tak lupa juga makanan! Malaysia Airlines ada sediakan snek percuma untuk para penumpang. Dengar je makanan percuma terus lapar balik! Hahahaha. Bukan tu je, ada jugak makanan lain dan setiap makanan yang dihidangkan berbeza mengikut destinasi korang pergi. Kalau I pulang ke Jakarta, I suka balik pagi so atas flight I akan pilih nasi lemak. Kononnya that’s my last malay food sebelum sampai Indonesia la. Saje nak bajet sedih atas flight.

              Keselesaan dalam flight Malaysia Airlines memang memuaskan. Kalau korang nak lagi selesa boleh la pilih seat class yang lagi selesa macam First Class. Class economy dan business pun boleh tahan selesa dah. Tapi, setiap harga tiket promosi yang ada ni berbeza ye mengikut class seat yang korang pilih. Depends korang nak yang mana, tapi dah alang-alang Malaysia Airlies buat promosi ni tak rugilah kalau korang cuba seat yang First class tu! Ahahhaa sesekali nak merasa macam VVIP kan. Korang search je Malaysia Airlines promosi terkini dan book cepat tiket flight!


I'm feeling 22


Dear diary,

We had lunch at IKEA today, and shop some stuff

My favorite ice cream!

shopping  💸

and surprise birthday cake!
Thank you everyone 💗

please jangan tanya kenapa DIVA DAYAH. Saya bukan DIVA! 
I dont understand waii  💁🏻

Collective Haul: Drugstore + Sephora


From now on I will start posting Haul entry. I don't think this was a good idea before because I don't want to annoy my readers because it seems unnecessary, but then I read comments saying they actually love to read this kind of entry (me too, hahaha), so I want to tiru since I don't know what to post on my blog nowadays.

So, in my first collective haul, I pick my 10 recently bought products. I will do a mini review.

1. BECCA Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector
a great primer for oily skin. I only apply this on my T-zone

2. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
I love the Powdery-velvet finishing of this primer. Make my foundation more flawless

3. NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer - Ginger
full coverage concealer, creamy, and can cover my dark circle nicely

4. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Pressed Powder - Translucent
tbh I bought this powder because the Sephora employee said this powder have HD effect can make you look prettier on camera. Hahahaha

5. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation - Y325 Flesh
not so heavy, nice for oily skin, I have to use more frequently

Drugstore product.
I purchased my drugstore product in Jakarta, jadi sejujurnya I tak tahu produk ni ada ke tak kat Malaysia, so beberapa link akan redirect to the brand's Indonesia site. These are available in Indonesia. So, my Indonesian readers, aku beli ini semua di department store seperti Sogo Central Park, Central Neo SOHO, Matahari Taman Anggrek Mall. Kalo di watson atau guardian gitu aku kurang tau. Biasanya di department store lebih banyak pilihan. Kelmarin di Neo SOHO ada promo guys. 

6. L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation - Fresh Beige 107
wow I love this foundation especially for everyday use. Lightweight, decent coverage. I apply this foundation with Real Technique buffing brush because my visible pore will disappear!

7. Maybelline Master Strobing Cream - Nude
If you use under foundation, tak beri effect sangat pun. Bila pakai on top of foundation, macam susah nak blend pulak. I iz confused

8. Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick - Pink Sorbet 02
The colour is nice, soft matte, creamy. But, you have to apply on dry lips. Wipe your lipbalm first, then apply this lipstick. The lipstick transfers on cup ugh so ugly and embarassing. I will not repurchase this. (btw lipstick tu jatuh time nak ambik gambar sebab tu huduh semacam kalau zoom)

9. L'oreal Infallible Never Fail Lip Liner - Nude
Ummmm. It glides smoothly when I tested on my hand. But on lips, nope. Not creamy, hard to apply

10. Silkygirl Matte Junkie Lip Cream - Vintage 04
When you first apply it looks so pretty. But 2 hours after that, it looks creepy. Warna tak sekata. So next time if you want to use this lipstick just apply a lil bit and smudge with your finger for more natural look. Much better when apply like that.

okay guysss. That's all for now. 
What do you think of these product? Have you tried it? Do you have any tips?
Tell me if you want a more detail review for any product. 
InshaAllah I will post more after this (ye la tu).

babaiiii. muah muah

ps: I'm turning 22 today! Pibedey to me

Rutin harian pulang kuliah


Pulang rumah naik Gojek untuk mengelakkan macet dan bayar pun murah. Kadang-kadang free.
Macet kat Jakarta memang takleh bawa bincang. Kalau ramai baru naik Grabcar.

Kalau lapar, suruh pakcik Gojek stop depan pasar, sebab nak beli lunch. Antara pilihan lunch yang murah ialah nasi padang. Bukan nasi padang kat restoran ye, situ harga cekik darah. Pakcik kedai ni selalu tanya kalau lama tak beli kat kedai dia. Regular customer I ni ok!

Banyak pilihan tapi selalu beli makanan sama je dok tahu bakpe. Sebab ayam bakar dia rasa macam ayam percik Malaysia sikit. So selalu order tuuu jeeee.

Nasi, ayam bakar, nangka, sambal hijau + teh tawar.
Harga Rp15ribu atau RM5.00
Tak faham kenapa orang Malaysia datang Indonesia minum teh botol. Padahal rasa macam teh yang tawar takde gula! Aku rasa orang Malaysia yang cakap suka teh botol ni semua dusta belaka for the sake of Instagram photos. Lulz. Yang best air Fruit Tea! Brand sama jugak dengan teh botol (SOSRO), tapi berperisa buah-buahan. Ada blackcurrent, apple, ice, etc. Lagi sedap dari teh botol kaca tu.

Sampai bertemu lagi.

Dunia Fantasi Jakarta

jiwa melayang.
Tempat yang di bina untuk manusia merasakan perasaan 'hampir meragut nyawa'.
I kenot understand!!!!
Takpe lah. Asalkan mengucap dulu sebelum main

Selamat Hari Raya

Ikhlas dari Dayah & Friends

Travel / Balik Kampung Skincare Tips & Tricks

Assalamualaikum semuaaaa.

I baru je start cuti, baru ada masa sikit nak update blog. Jadi pagi esok saya akan bertolak balik Malaysia. Doakan saya selamat sampai.

So I want to share what do I pack for travel/balik kampung essentials.

1. Cleanser

Ofkos, pack your cleanser in smaller bottle so you'll have more space to throw more makeup in your bag!!! My current fav cleansers are from

Saya pakai dua cleanser sebab, mula mula saya guna yang Chica-Y-Chico untuk remove all makeup residues supaya betul betul bersih dari makeup. Lepastu baru proceed dengan Body Shop untuk bersih dan fresh kan kulit. Bab bersihkan muka ni kena bersungguh sikit sebab nanti nak ambik wudhu, biar betul betul sah. 

2. Moisturizer

Ni pun sama, letak dalam pot kecik. Product used:

Vaseline (beli kat Mekah sebab lagi berkualiti)

and, MY FAVORITE....

I will use this before the flight take off. So my skin is moisturize throughout the cold, dry, airplane journey. This is better than the Dr Morita cream. 

3. Toner & Makeup Remover

Sebab botol besar sangat jadi naik menyampah, ni special tips sikit.
Kedua benda ini kita apply guna cotton pad. Jadi apa kata kalau kita letak terus je kat cotton pad!! Bijak bijak. Hewhewheehehe

1. Prepare the stuffs:

Product used:

Garnier: Micellar Water Pink [125ml, RM14.50]

Cotton pad dan plastik eskrem (terserah nak size apa)

2. Pour, and soak the cotton pad(s)

Ni untuk demo je so saya tunjuk sikit je la cotton pad. Sesuaikan dengan keperluan masing-masing, agak-agak berapa hari perlu. Untuk satu cotton pad, boleh split dua, untuk guna dua kali. Jimat sikit.

3. Cut the plastic to make it smaller

4. Stuffed in the plastic

dalam satu plastik tu boleh la sumbat dalam 5 cotton pad kot. Terserah anda. Make sure separate plastic toner dan makeup remover. Jangan tercampur pulok!!

Pack semua bila dah siapp....

Sekian, terima kasih. Itu sahaja coretan saya setakat ini. Nampaknya masa mencemburui saya, saya sudahi post ini dengan assalamualaikum.

Semoga selamat balik kampung. MAT RI YE!!